scorecard is not showing after the match finished

I have ended the match but i can't show my match in match centrr in finished match centre.

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    David Richmond Official comment

    Hi Raj, 

    There could be several issues preventing your match from appearing under the results/finished tab on Match Centre. See the possibilities below.

    1) Processing delays - Processing times for matches can vary. Typically it takes up to 1-2 hours for matches to process once a match has been uploaded. However, factors such as internet speed and upload times can effect this.

    2) Upload error - If a match is uploaded with a flaky internet connection the upload may fail. 

    3) Incorrect Match Centre filters - Applying certain filters may prevent a match from appearing. In contrast certain filters may need to be applied for a match to appear i.e. If a match was scored as an unofficial match the unofficial filter will need to be applied. See the below screenshot.

    Therefore, if your match hasn't appeared after 12 hours and correct filters have been applied in Match Centre please re-upload your match from the app by navigating to the Scoring -> Finished tab. Otherwise if it still doesn't appear contact Support. There could be an underlying issue.


    David, cricHQ Support 

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