When managing fixtures teams are showing Pending/Declined

An issue is currently occurring where users that are trying to edit fixtures or add new fixtures, can not use certain teams. They are showing as pending/declined teams in the team drop down lists.



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    Jimmy McLellan Official comment

    This issue regarding teams showing as pending/declined when managing fixtures has now been resolved! Thanks for your patience in this. You will now be able to edit and add new fixtures with your teams, and any new teams you require.

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    Jimmy McLellan

    Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. The issue is being looked into and will be resolved ASAP.

    What do you need to know in the meantime?

    1. This will only affect teams added to an existing draw
    2. All teams will be available for use if added during the draw creation form
    3. If you have a draw with this issue that needs immediate resolution use the contact support form and we will have it resolved

    We will keep you posted as to the issue status here, so make sure to check back soon.

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