Absent players

There is a facility on scorecard entry to show a batsman as 'absent' or 'Absent Hurt'  (I'd personally prefer 'Injured' as 'Hurt makes the batsman sound like a wimp!).  However I can find no such facility in 'Live scoring' mode.

If there isn't such a facility, should TCS be making it available on the next upgrade?

In the situation where a nominated batsman is unable to bat, he should be shown as 'Absent' and the team score as, for example, 191 - 9 (all out). The only way in the current version of TCS is to end the innings with 9 wickets down which leaves the entry against the absent batsman blank.

Be interested in the thoughts of others.

Chris Rawson 


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    Adam Hope

    Great suggestion that I think should be implemented.

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