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We think video should be available to all levels of the sport, so we've created video tools that are easy to use and can install, free of charge!



In-App Video includes:

  • Video highlights
  • Ball-by-ball editing
  • Professional score overlays
  • Video indexing



Video Pro includes:

  • Live video streaming
  • Zero-cost production
  • Automated broadcast overlays
  • HD video and audio
  • Automated highlight indexing
  • Social integration
  • Edit and cut video clips
  • Add ball retrace or slow-mo's and freeze-frames
  • Create highlights compilations

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone view my video footage?

When using our standard video options anyone will be able to view your video clips as they are captured or streamed. However if you purchase cricHQ Administration you can choose to lock down video content for privacy reasons.

Can I publish my live streams to external websites?

Yes. cricHQ Video will by default be broadcast live to your scorecards on cricHQ. However you can buy the cricHQ External Streaming add-on to stream video to external sites like YouTube and Facebook.

What bandwidth or internet service do I need for cricHQ Video?

If using ball-by-ball replays any bandwidth will allow you to upload your captured event, however note the speed you have will determine how quickly your replays are uploaded and available. To live stream your cricket you will need a minimum of 2mb/upload. Most service providers can achieve this easily and mobile internet like 4G will be able to achieve this also.

Can I capture video offline?

Yes. As long as you can connect to your camera from your scoring device you do not need an internet connection or strong bandwidth to capture and index your replays. All of this can be done offline via a mobile hotspot or wifi connection and then uploaded at a later point.

Is there any cost involved with streaming services?

There are no ongoing streaming costs for cricket organisations broadcasting their cricket. It is free to continue for as many matches as you would like. For users to view these streams on cricHQ they will need to have purchased a cricHQ Fan All Access subscription.

What type of support is available to cricHQ Video users?

cricHQ Video users can find answers to most questions on our extensive cricHQ Support site, or learn to get more from our products via the cricHQ Library. A community is also available online for all users to discuss ideas and assist each other. If you need further assistance you can contact our online support team via Those with a professional set up will also get an account manager for extra support.

For more information on terms and conditions of services, see our Terms of Use Statements here.
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