How to reduce the number of overs in a match

Sometimes you may have created a match from a CricHQ fixture but you want to play less overs than the match is setup with which may be due to any number of reasons. If you want to understand how to start a match from a CricHQ fixture click here.

This example is based on downloading a match of 50 overs but the teams have agreed to play 35 overs instead. There are a few ways you can do this but the best way to reduce the overs to 35 for this game is as follows. Note that this needs to be done at the start of the game or in the first innings only:

1. You should be at the screen showing similar to below. If you have not got to this page you need to understand how to start a match from a CricHQ fixture click here .


2. Once you have started the match you should have a screen like below. Note that it says '50 overs remaining':


3. Click on the 'Action' button to get to the screen below - you do have to have started the match for this to take effect.


4. Click on the 'Add match delay'


5. You can add any different option but here we have selected other click on the tick arrow. You should then see the following screen that you can choose to reduce the overs by. You will be asked if you want to activate DLS. Only keep it on if you are doing this change to overs before the match has started, if the game has started and you keep it on DLS will be applied to the target. If you are reducing the overs during the game and you do not want DLS to calculate the reduced amount then turn it off. Once you have turned DLS off you cannot turn it on again later.




6. Select the number of overs you want to reduce the game by. Here we have selected 15 so that it is a 35 over game - i.e. 50 overs less 15 is 35 overs for both teams. 

You will then return you to the scoring screen. Note in the below it is now showing 35 overs remaining.


Also note that a sand timer has been added to indicate that the change has taken effect.

By reducing the overs this way it means both teams will have had their overs reduced and the required run rates will show up correctly.

If you have not done this it is possible to just end the innings early (Action -> End Innings). However, the second innings will then show the same number of overs as the first. It is possible to reduce the overs on the second innings but in Android it will automatically calculate a DLS total. The iOS app will allow you to choose whether to enable DLS or not.



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    Syed Rehan Haider

    it is amazing and very helpful, as being scorer it is necessary to know  each and every step. thanks for your assistance. 

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