Scoring - an intro

The articles in this section concentrate on the specifics of how you score a game but before that you have to know how to start scoring with the CricHQ app and then, importantly, understand the difference between the two different types of scoring you are asked to do:

Starting to score

Once you have downloaded the CricHQ app click on the 'Hamburger' menu and choose scoring:



Click on the plus button in the Green circle:


You are now ready to choose the type of match you will create.

Choosing the right type of scoring

There are two different types of scoring you are asked to choose:

  • From CricHQ Fixture - this enables you to download a fixture that is part of your CricHQ competition management for your organisation. By downloading a fixture it is quicker to start as all the team and match information is already available. It will also mean that when you upload the match it is automatically submitted to your organisation. These matches when scored live and submitted will also be considered official matches and will be easier to find when looking for them in . If you can it is always better to score from a CricHQ fixture. If you want to skip ahead for detailed instructions on how to score from a CricHQ fixture click here.
  • Create Own - if you do not have CricHQ competition management for your organisation you can create your own match. This will mean you will have to choose the Club and teams that you want to score for and also add in the players. The submitted match will also be considered unofficial . They can be associated with a CricHQ competition management fixture afterwards but you will need to send a request to support with the match ID.


When you know which type of scoring you want to complete click on the button and follow the wizard. For instructions on how to score from a CricHQ fixture click here.

To download a CricHQ fixture you will need to be connected to the Internet. You can be connected when you download and then score with no connection. 

To score as 'Create Own' it is better to be connected to the Internet when setting the game up but it is possible to score a game when not connected.

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