TCS 11.0.7 Release Notes (March 2018)

We are pleased to announce the release of Total Cricket Scorer 11. Many thanks for all of your enthusiastic and constructive feedback following the recent changes and your interest in the new version of TCS.

We have made a number of improvements in this release and are planning to continue to maintain and improve TCS throughout the season with a number of exciting features planned. Please continue to provide any issues you experience or feature requests to


The full list of improvements and bug fixes are included below. Beneath that there is also a section concerning Play-Cricket integration as we are aware that has been a topic of much interest to you.

Finally please accept our best wishes for the cricket season ahead.

To download TCS please go to the following link:

As with all other TCS releases please do ensure that you complete a backup of your existing databases before upgrading. Go to the data tab and click on ‘Copy the database’ to create a backup.



Improvements to automatic live scoring when connecting TCS to CricHQ competition management.

Improved user-flow for connecting TCS to Yacadu for enabling Play-Cricket download and upload.

Consolidated scoreboard installer files into single installer.

Licensing fixes and improvements.

Added GDPR support (see Help -> Privacy)

Integrated built-in My Action Replay hub support.

Live scoring turned on by default.

Links to TCS live scorecards now show Twitter cards.

TCS live scorecards now include My Action Replay videos if available.

Improve performance issue on Help ribbon rendering.

Team short (Display) name used on scorecard and linear.

Level 1-4 offence penalty laws added.

Handling the ball wicket removed.

New no ball symbols added to scorebook and linear views.

Added no balls with leg byes to classic toolbars.

Update penalty law references in accordance with new laws.

Minor TCS website refreshments and fixes.


Bug fixes

Fixes to no ball behaviour in 'Score window' mode.

Fixed remaining overs calculation when match is delayed mid-over.

Fixed registration of MSCOMM library (scoreboard integration).

Fixed font installation issue which could lead to unexpected characters in scoresheets.

Fixed Twitter integration.

Fixes to CricHQ live scoring functionality.

Fixed duplicate end of innings and end of game dialogs.

Fixed possible crash when closing matches with a CricHQ source.

Fixed an issue where live scorecards could become corrupted and show strings of random characters.

Known Issues

Virtual scoreboard shows with oversized fonts/text on some systems:


Play-Cricket integration

We are aware that Play-Cricket integration has been an issue many of you are concerned about. You may have seen from our earlier V11 communication and Early Access release for which so many of you applied, that we had re-enabled the integration that enabled TCS to send scorecard data to Play-Cricket. Following discussions, we have learnt from the ECB that it is not possible to support this integration on the Play-Cricket side as it is an older API that no-one else uses, risks the stability of Play-Cricket and has now been turned off. Subsequently we are not able to reactivate this integration.

As per the recent communication by the ECB to League Administrators and County Boards, the ECB have also made us aware that they are reviewing their data sharing arrangements. Whilst existing key holders of the newer API can continue to use it, new requests for API keys will need to wait for this review to complete. We will continue to discuss the data sharing arrangements and work through any issues with the ECB during and following their review as TCS continues to be such a popular tool in England.

To address these issues we have also reviewed the popular Yacadu tool that so many of you have already used to enable previous versions of TCS to send data to and from Play-Cricket. After understanding the Yacadu platform in greater detail and on further testing we have improved the user flow within TCS to enable easier integration with the tool.

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