Activate existing archived players

Players that have previously played for your club might already exist in your archived players. Learn how to search for and activate them, and how they can be automatically activated again by the players themselves!

1. Manually bringing archived players back to current

If you have a feeling a player you are going to create already exists in your archived players, you can find out and bring them back to current!

Navigate to Admin > Clubs > Select your club > Players > Archived

In here you can use the search bar to find any archived players. Once you find the correct player select the drop down and click "Activate"

They are now back in your current club players list!

2. Automatically bring archived players back to current

CricHQ allows your players to claim their own profiles, so they can login and manage the details. It also means those players who have claimed their profiles help the club admins.

Example 1: If a claimed player registers for the new season, once they are accepted from the "Pending" section they will automatically be moved from Archived to Current. No duplication of players!

Example 2: If your players are claimed, upon opening your registrations you can send them an email in bulk. This email will ask them if they want to register for the new season. It will also provide them your club policies. If they accept the player is automatically moved back from archived to current!

For more information on getting your players to claim their profiles click here

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