Open your club registrations to the public

Now that you have cleaned up your current players list for the season we need to open up your registrations to the public. See below on opening your online CricHQ registrations and customising your registration requirements.

1. Update your registration form

Navigate to Admin > Clubs > Select your club > Registrations > Registration form

In here you will see your current registration form on the right, and the options you can add on the left. Simply drag and drop them into the right hand side to add them to you club form.

You can also click the "Required" tick box to enforce players to add the information before registering.

Does you club have a Fair play agreement? Or any other policy for all players? Then add it in the policies section. Upload a PDF or Word document and give it a name. This will mean players are required to accept these conditions before registering for your club!

Once you have added your policies and arranged you registration forms, click SAVE!

2. Open your registrations to the public!

So your regsistartion form and policies are sorted, let's open up your registrations to the public.

Navigate to Admin > Clubs > Select your club > Registrations > Registration state

From here

  1. Click registration state drop down
  2. Select "Open & Visible"
  3. Optional - Select the tick box to notify all existing players who have claimed there profiles to re-register for the new season via email
  4. Now click Save.

All done! You registrations are now open to the public. You will see the state changes in your club dashboard too.

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