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Web Weekly(18th August 2016)

Sorry for the delay in these posts, but we will be back up with weekly release notes moving forward. In the meantime here are a few things you might have missed.



  • UI/UX update for settings section allowing you to manage associate profiles quicker and easier
  • Fixed up live matches where Match Pause messages were not showing
  • Added some pagination for draws and archived draws lists so loading is quicker
  • Quick login fix for Suspended and Unconfirmed users to ensure you can see the next steps

Cricket Administration


  • New indoor cricket bonus points ability
  • Add bowling order editing to the Edit Scorecard module


  • Fix issues with editing run outs in the Edit Scorecard module
  • Fix an issue with Manual Scorecards having an issue if no venue was allocated for the match
  • Touch up to stop 'finals' match details going into the Standings table
  • Improve the UI of the cancellation Pop Up to make it easier to read
  • Fix export issues with results report under clubs and organisations
  • Fix for time zones in CSV export under clubs and organisations
  • Fix publish button alignment on competitions and draws
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