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Liabilities for refunds around cricket programmes

Liabilities for Refunds

In our payment model, the liability to handle refunds is like so:

  • Before the completion of a programme (step 2 above) it is the responsibility of the organisation advertising and holding the programme to handle the task of liaising with the customer who is requesting a refund. On the payment gateway, and the subsequent receipt (emailed to the customer) it will state the contact email address provided by the organisation who created the programme, and direct any refund requests to that email. Once a request for a refund is approved by the organisation, they will send the information of the payee, programme, date of payment and amount to be refunded to where our finance team will issue a refund via DPS Payment Express.
  • Upon completion of the programme and after the funds from the programme have been transferred to the designated organisation's bank account (step 3 above) the responsibility to handle the refund AND issue the refund is that of the organisations as the funds no longer reside in the CricHQ merchant account.
  • Reconciliation of refunds will occur fortnightly, the same frequency with which we reconcile the organisations running the programme.

For further information, refer to the Terms of Sale:


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