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What happens if a club wants to run a programme (authorised by the relevant organisation) and receive payment to their own account? Is there a place where the club can state their bank account details?

This scenario is likely. In this case the organisation will create the programme and display it on their page on behalf of the club. For reconciliation to the club, the organisation must email, cc'ing in and include the following information

  • Programme Name
  • Programme Date
  • Club hosting the Programme
  • Location of Programme
  • Price of Programme per Registration
  • Bank Account Details

The CricHQ account staff will then reconcile the payments at the end of the fortnight in which the programme was completed to the club’s bank account.


Is the product available outside of New Zealand?

No. However, we hope to be able to open this product up to outside markets in the future. The major challenge is processing different currencies, so until a solution is developed this product will be New Zealand only and all transactions in NZD.


Who is the payment processing solution used by NZC?

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Payment Express is certified with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners, providing an end to end payment platform that facilitates electronic payments seamlessly.


Is the payment portal secure?

Yes, the payment portal is secure. Payment Express provides a PCI DSS compliant payment solutions and are certified with all major card schemes.


My organisation’s programme has been completed, why haven’t I received payment for it?

The transfer of funds from CricHQ’s merchant account to the organisation can take up to a maximum of 14 days to be processed. The CricHQ account staff will reconcile the payments to the correct organisations at the end of the fortnight in which the programme was completed.


What bank does CricHQ use?

CricHQ uses ANZ, so if the organisation banks with another provider, they may experience delays.


Can an organisation admin manually register a participant for a cricket programme?

Yes, an organisation admin can add a participant manually. They will appear as “Unpaid.”


Will this product be available to clubs, so that a club can create a programme and accept registrations?

NZC have expressed an interest in this happening in the future. It will be a business decision as to whether it is prudent to build this functionality.


If for whatever reason I need to close registrations on my programme, can I do so?

Yes. You simply click the drop-down option on the programme in question and click “Edit.” You then change the programme status from “Open” to “Closed”, disabling further registrations.


As an organisation admin, can I delete a programme?

No. You can edit the programme or close it, but because an organisation has opened the programme up to payments, you can not close it.


As an organisation admin, can I delete a participant from a programme?

An admin can only delete a participant from a programme when the participant is Un-Paid. Once the participant has paid, there is no way to delete them.


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