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Register a player for a programme

CricHQ has a wide range of programmes run by associations available to be register to. Make sure you or you family get involved in the cricket going on.


1. Find the correct programme

First you need to find the correct programme to register to. The easiest way to find these is through you local associations website, where they have placed a link to their programmes.

Whether you find it via a link, or via the organisation profile on CricHQ, you can register the same way. The programme and all of it's details will look like the below on image, if this is the programme you or you kids would like to register for just click on the green “Register Now” button.


2. Registering yourself or a new player

Once you have clicked register now, you can sign in or join CricHQ. You will then see any existing players you have listed and select "Register", or you can click "Register New Player".

Either choice will be take you to the next Registration form, where any existing details will be prefilled.

Fill in all of the required details, if the date of birth entered is a youth we will then request guardian information.

Once all the information is complete you will see a final review screen to confirm the details, and accept any T&C's or Fair Play agreements the association has added.

Once you are happy select you payment option, "Submit and proceed to payment" or "Submit and Pay later". You can pay with a Credit Card or with Bank to Bank payments. If you require another payment option use the contact details on the home page to work this out with the association directly.


3. Submit and Proceed to Payment

Here you can select your payment option. Simply submit the required details through the secure payment portal.

4. Confirmation email

Upon registration for the programme, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the details of the programme.

If you paid online you will also receive a payment confirmation email.

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