How to set up a cricket programme

Creating a cricket programme is a great way to capture participant interest and payments for an upcoming organisation event. Setting up is quick and simple so let’s get started.


1. Add your organisation Bank Details

Get started with cricket programmes by providing bank details for your organisation. This will ensure any payments made by participants can be funded back to your organisation.

You can do this by going to the Options menu on your organisation and clicking on the “New Bank Detail” button.

Enter the Account Holder Name, Account Number, Contact Number and Additional Details for the account.


2. Create a Cricket Programme

Go to the Programme tab which is available under your organisation. Click on the “New Programme” button.

Fill out the form to include as many details about your programme as possible.

IMPORTANT: Currency of Programme in NZD

The price of all Cricket Programmes must be stated in NZD

IMPORTANT: Inputting an email address for the programme

The email address of the person/club/organisation hosting the programme is mandatory as it is going to be the key point of contact for any refund request or general enquiry regarding that programme.

IMPORTANT: Uploading a document

Formats which can be uploaded include PDF, xlsx, docx. You cannot upload images such as JPG, PNG.

IMPORTANT: Add a detailed address to your Cricket Programme

An organisation admin will be prompted to include an address and a location map. It is important that the address of the location is thoroughly explained as it will be where customers are directed to go on the day of the event.


Once the programme has been created it will be visible to the public. Have a look by selecting the top drop down of your association, then click “View Profile”.


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