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How do I find competition statistics?

Finding statistics on CricHQ is simple. Whether you are looking for competition or draw statistics it all starts with a simple step, find the profile on CricHQ.

Open in your favorite browser and click Search

Type in Search and Click green highlight

Click Competitions

or Click Competitions

Click Search for a competition, draw or league

Type in Search for a competition, draw or league and Press Backspace

Click Search for a competition, draw or league

Select Categories

Click highlight

Click highlight

Click Standings Table

Click Leaderboards

Done !

If you are an administrator Click Login

Click with Email

Enter email and password Click Login

Click Admin


Click Search by name

Click highlight

Click Standings

Click highlighted menu

Click View Profile

Click Leaderboards

You can view Leaderbaord now

Click Tabs to sort the lists accordingly

Click Batting, Bowling, Fielding, MVP and Dream Team tabs to view the categorized leaderbaords

That's it. You're done.

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