Why aren't my players linked in scorecards? And how do I fix it?

Have you noticed that in certain scorecards some players are bold and clickable where some are not? Also the players that aren't bold don't have statistics in the leaderboards either? (see the following screenshot for an example)
Well, there is a simple explanation and a quick fix for you.


The reason

To ensure your club managers don't get hundreds of fake players registered to their club without their permission there is a restriction on who can register new players.

Only a club administrator can register new players.

However, we also don't want to hinder under pressure scorers by not letting them create new players when they are scoring. So to ensure they keep scoring they are allowed to create a player for the scorecard, but this does not register them as a new player in the club, and therefore they are not linked to an official profile in the scorecard.


The solutions
There are two solutions to this issue. See them below.

Merge profiles 
The duplicate profile may be merged with the player's official profile. However, note that club and organisation admins won't be able to locate the duplicate profile as it doesn't fall under their administrative jurisdiction. Only support may merge un-linked profiles. 

Register player
The fix is easy, register these players, add them to the team, and edit the scorecard.

  1. Go to Admin > Club > Players and register your new player on
  2. Go to Admin > Club > Teams, select your team and add your new player to it
  3. Edit your scorecard and using the players list click edit on the player, select the registered player from the drop down, and update!

For more information on editing scorecards see here:


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