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Why are my wagon wheels slowing down?

When using the Wagon Wheel for a match longer than T20 it slows down and becomes unresponsive. Why does this happen and can I stop it from happening?

We have had a lot of feedback on wagon wheels and pitch maps taking a huge toll on the time taking some CricHQ users to score ball to ball of their match. This issue is caused not by the CricHQ application, but by the device itself, and how well it can handle "temporary memory". This is to say that every device has a limited amount of memory, and every application on a device uses this memory for it's own purposes to run correctly. Some devices will therefore have more and be affected little by time delays, and some will have little memory and will see this crop up within a shorter time period.
As most applications are not run upwards of an hour or two at a time it does not affect them, however when scoring for a extended length of time this memory builds up and slows down the devices capabilities to run as normal.
Good news though! Here is an easy fix to get the application running at full speed again if this happens to you throughout your day of scoring, as well as a way to delay the issue all together.

Extend time before slow down:
The main cause of the app being slow is the devices memory being filled up. To ensure the device has as much memory for your scoring time as possible, make sure you "Close" all the applications currently running on your device, for matches lasting longer than T20 turning off dot balls wagon wheel capture and pitch maps which will extend the time before slowing down and may not slow at all. This means CricHQ will have more memory to use. (For more information on this try the links at the end of this article).

Close application fix:
To implement the easy and instant fix simply finish your current action of scoring, and "Close" the application. This does not mean go out of the application, this means you need to stop the app from operating (For more information on this try the links at the end of this article). Then re-open CricHQ and find your match under the 'Matches' menu. You will continue exactly from where you last were, except now wagon wheels and pitch maps will be running at full speed again.

Closing apps on Apple
Closing apps on Android
(note: this android technique may not apply to your individual device as they can differ based on OS version and device)

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