Why does my uploaded scorecard not appear on

I ended and uploaded a match to but I didn't receive and email confirming this and cannot see a scorecard for the match?

There can be the odd occasion when an upload from the CricHQ App to doesn't happen as instantaneously as we would like, however we here at CricHQ are constantly investing our time and money into developing the technology to make scoring and storing your cricketing data as streamlined and efficient as possible.

If you haven't received an email that your upload has been successful and providing you with a link to the online scorecard then there are a few work arounds that may work.

1) Make sure you're in an area of STRONG internet connection so as you have the highest possible chance of your upload to going through.

2) Making sure the match is saved to your 'Finished Matches' section within 'Matches' try closing the App off then opening it back up again entering into the finished match and uploading to in an area of STRONG internet connection.
If your upload still hasn't appeared on in several hours then contact us at and we will look into your match issue for you. N.b users of IOS are able to send us their databases by accessing their Apps homepage, scrolling down to application help then scroll down again to send database to support, this followed by an email outlining the issue will help pin point the problem. Unfortunately for Android versions you will not be able to send in your databases however this feature will become available in future releases.

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