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Can I score my game offline?

If I haven't got 3G/4G or access to the internet can I still score my teams game out in the field? 
A question asked a lot is "Can I score a match on CricHQ without being connected to the Internet?" the answer is YES you can. Here is how; 

If you are scoring from a CricHQ fixture you only need to be online to download the initial fixture details, once done press the save to score later button on your device. From now on you can score the rest of the game offline, then simply go back online to upload it later.

If you are looking to score a match from a Create Own fixture the only time you need to be online is to search for Grounds, Team and Players via our Cloud function that you wish to use prior the start of the match. Once these entities are located and selected you can save the match to your device then score it offline from where ever you are in the world. To upload the information back to therefore receiving an online scorecard which you can share with friends and family simply return to an area of STRONG internet connection and push the upload to CricHQ button. 

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