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Why are there so many duplicates?

Why are there multiple versions of me and other players on CricHQ?

When creating a player on CricHQ across multiple clubs i.e a local clubs squad list, the areas U20 squad list and school 1st XI squad list, a separate entity will be created within each different club. This is the only way to ensure that verified statistics are calculated for each player across each club and that each player is registered within that club. If this occurs and you find that there are more than 1 version of your player profile that is verified by CricHQ please ask your club co-ordinater to contact with a list of player names and we will merge these profiles together meaning that each profile will exist in each club and team across the different clubs.

Why are there multiple versions of my Club and Team on CricHQ?

When signing up a new account with CricHQ you immediately have the ability to create your own club, teams and players for you to use when creating a new fixture on the CricHQ app. The ability to create online all you need to score a game of cricket on our CricHQ App means that potentially more than one club, team and players will be created by multiple users for their own personal use via the App.

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