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How do I attach a "Create Own" scored match to a fixture?

We recommend those using CricHQ to manage their fixtures always score match "From a CricHQ fixture". But in the situation where one has been score by "Create Own" all is not lost! CricHQ may be able to transfer this for you and save you the hassle of re-entering as scorecard.

To do this a few requirements must be met;
1. The create own match must be completed and upload to CricHQ
2. The teams in the Create Own match must be the same as the teams in the fixture, different versions on CricHQ will not do.
Once you have confirmed this send the link to your scorecard, as well as the link to the competition it belongs in to We will then go ahead an join these up for you to ensure you teams and players get all their stats and the standings tables are updated.
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