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How do I use the search function on CricHQ?

Searching on CricHQ is simple. To do this at the top of you will see a text field with the word "Search" inside.

Click into this field and start typing the name of the profile you are looking for. The search bar will perform a public search for all profiles matching what you are typing.

If you can not find the profile you are looking for, click the search button to be taken to the advance search function with more filters.

 Selecting the filters on this page will limit the returned results to only the profile types you have chosen. Once you find the profile your are looking for click on it.

 You will be taken to the profile page.

As a club, team, or competition administrator you can find the respective profile through your Admin section without needing to search. Navigate to the 'Admin' section of

Click on the Competitions

Once you have found the club, competition you are looking for, click the "Options" drop-down.

For all entities with a profile there will be an option in this drop-down called "View Profile"

Click this to be taken to the public view

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