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Finding a players matches

Now that your are setup and following players you'll want to find their cricket matches! This is where the CricHQ Match Center comes into it's own.


Option 1: Viewing a players matches

On the players profile you will find a 'Matches' tab. All of this players matches that have been played and completed can be found in here. 


Option 2: Using the CricHQ Match Center

Using the match center you can find live matches, and upcoming matches for a team. Navigate to 'Matches' via the main menu of the website. This will take you through to the match center with every match on CricHQ available to view.


You will have 3 tabs for different stages of matches, these are:

Upcoming (Matches that are yet to be played or have an upcoming date)
In Progress (Matches that are being live scored, or a paused between play)
(Matches that are completed and uploaded with a result)

Simply click the match you wish to view at any stage, staying on the match will automatically transition it from 'upcoming' to 'in progress' to 'result'.

You can also use the search bar to search for any term you can think of! Team names, player names, scorer names, competition names, and help find the correct result by using the match level drop down also. By default it is set to "All Official" but you can filter matches to only "International" or "Domestic" or "Club" etc.

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