How to create a draw

The first step is to open CricHQ and navigate to your competition in the Admin Module

Click new draw

Click the draw name text box

Type in your draw or league name

Click and select a match level, this is the overall level you cricket is played at and is used to define player statistics

Click and select a sub-match level, this will define further the level of cricket and hence the statistics of the players participating

Click and select a match type, these are the match rules the fixtures will be played with, you can set up custom mach types under the Match Types menu

Click and select a Gender

Scroll down to the draw structure section

Click the draw type helper

Read the draw type options available to use

Click and select the draw type you wish to use

Click and select the number of finals you wish to have, or leave this as no finals. You can add these after creating the draw

Click the fixture generation option you wish to use. This will affect how much CricHQ automatically creates for you

Click the start date text box

Click the week this draw or league will start. This must be a monday so select the monday before the first fixture date

Click and select the appropriate draw ends option for when your last fixture should fall

Scroll to the fixture occurence section

Click the day or days your fixtures occur on

Click the time your fixtures start on these days

Click the add the button if you have fixtures that start at a different time

Select the days and the new time for these fixtures to occur on

Click and select the durationof your fixtures

Scroll to the teams section

Click the first team section

Type in text box to search for your team, if you haven't created your teams yet this can be done via the clubs section in the admin module

Click the second teamtext box to search for and find your second team

Click add to add another team slot to the draw or league and repeat un till all teams are entered

Scroll to the grounds section

Click the grounds text box

Type in a ground name to search for and select your ground. If you have not created it this can be done via the grounds tab

Click the add button to add more ground slots

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Click preview layoutto see what the fixture layout will be, note this is only available for round robin draw types

Click close to continue

Check your entries and click create

Your draw is now created and you should be all set to edit alter and publish this to the public. Click share to spread the word on this tutorial

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