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Why does it take my Android so long to Sync?

When I log onto the CricHQ App from my Android device it takes ages to sync all my information. Why is this?

When logging into the CricHQ App on an Android device you may find it take a while to sync all your information, this is because any changes made to information online will have to then be synced across to the device on the application. This is to ensure that when a match is scored and uploaded back to CricHQ all current and relevant data is the same online as it is on the app.

Currently on the IOS system the syncing occurs in the background allowing you to progress through your app without waiting for the sync to finish, as you do on Android, however the Android app will eventually have this background syncing functionality so you can navigate through the app with ease rather than waiting for the sync to stop to start your CricHQ experience.

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