Can I enter a scorecard post-match?

We at SupportHQ have received word that a number of users wish to enter scorecards on to CricHQ when you have not managed to score the match on the CricHQ app. The answer is yes! and here is how:

If you are using the CricHQ Competition Management System: Simply log into your account on then go to the 'Manage' section on the left hand side. In here you will see a 'Fixtures' tab, once this is opened you will see a list of all the fixtures you have permission to enter scorecards for. N.b Remember to change your date filters if searching for previous fixtures.
            If you can't see any fixtures please contact your club administrator and ask them to add you as a team administrator for your team on CricHQ, once you have these permissions you will be able to see all those teams fixtures to start entering scorecards. 

Now find the fixture you wish to enter the scorecard for and click the button that says either 'Accepted' or 'Scoreable'  (see guides below for definitions), this will now show you the fixture information. Now click this icon  across from the team names and then click either "Enter Full Scorecard" or 'Enter Basic Scorecard', follow the steps to enter all the details from your written scorecard into the system and click submit when done. This will then be submitted to your competition and be available on to view as a scorecard as well as providing batting bowling and fielding statistics for you players on their player profiles. 

If you are not using the CricHQ Competition Management System: You cannot enter a scorecard online without being part of a CricHQ verified competition. 
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