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Why are my players stats not updating?

Player stats are not updating after the game?
SupportHQ often receives queries regarding the stats of players not updating after a game has finished and been uploaded to CricHQ.

If you are using the CricHQ Competition Management system and results are being uploaded to the competition your team is involved in, then the main reason for the stats not updating is because the competition administrator has probably yet to accept the scorecard you have uploaded. SupportHQ recommends either waiting until the result has been accepted by your competition administrator, which will in turn update player stats, or contacting your competition administrator to check the status of the result.

If your competition administrator is non responsive after a while and your players have been missing stats for some time then please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the support tab at the bottom left of the CricHQ home screen, then Contact Us and Email Us.
If you are NOT using the CricHQ Competition Management system then you will not build statistics for your players, it is a feature provided only to official clubs, teams and players.

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