How do I embed my competitions or scores onto my website? (Iframes)

Embedding  CricHQ content is easy using our iframes! See below to find which iframe you would like, then follow the corresponding guide to get setup ASAP!


What is an iframe?

A CricHQ iFrame is, in simple terms, a way for any user to place their CricHQ information on their own website. A small piece of code that your website administrator can place on any web page, and from this a part of the CricHQ website will be displayed. In the case of the CricHQ iframes this will mainly be displaying live and previously scored games, or even whole competitions with standing tables and statistics.



For club use. Using this iframe you will be able to display your clubs CricHQ information on your own website! This includes player lists, all of your teams, full club leaderboards and your own club match centre. One location for all upcoming, LIVE and competed matches. One location for every years leaderboards and award winners. One location for your players to find what they are looking for.
For information on how to embed a club iframe see here
For organisations and countries. Ability to display multiple competitions/tournaments and games along with the statistics built from these. Any game scored by any user will be viewable.
For information on how to embed an organisation iframe see here

For associations or clubs. This iframe is like the organisation iframe but broken down a layer to a particular competition. Ability to display a single competition or league and the official games along with the statistics built from these. Any game scored by any user will be viewable as long as it has been submitted to these fixtures.
For information on how to embed a competition iframe see here
Anyone can set this up. Will display all games scored by  ONE  CricHQ account.
If using it to display two teams scorecards, all will have to be scored by the same account (which can’t be done at the same time.) Or set up multiple plugins. (one for each team)

For information on how to embed a user iframe see here



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