Competition iframe

Using this iframe you will be able to display your competition and all draws and fixtures running within it. This includes statistics and standings tables for all draws, fixtures times and dates, live scoring and scorecard links. All of this updated live as your users and administrators add to it.


Step 1: Find the code for your particular iframe

This one is easy, simply use the code below!

<iframe width="600" border="0" style="border:none;" height="600" src=""></iframe>


Step 2: Find your Organisation and Competition ID's

To do this you will need to;

  1. Login to using the account that gives you access to the appropriate organisation.
  2. Select ‘Admin’
  3. Click on the organisation tab
  4. Select the organisation that contains your competition
  5. Select the competitions tab
  6. Select the competition within this org that you wish to use
  7. In the URL of your browser you will see After this will be a number. This is the id number for your competition. Make sure you record this number.



Step 3: Change the code so it displays your Competition ID

Now that you know your competition id you need to change the code to suit the information you want. Insert the numbers into the code below by replacing the ### after competitions/ with the competition id.

<iframe width="600" border="0" style="border:none;" height="600" src=""></iframe>


Step 4: Give these details to you website administrator

Once you have this final piece of code you can add it to your web page or your website administrator will be able to perform the rest from here. If your website is hosted externally you may need to contact them with the request to place this iframe online. You will need to:

  1. Send the administrator the final code you have created from the previous steps
  2. Detail where you would like the iframe to appear on the website
  3. Let the administrator implement the code appropriately
  4. Start managing your competition, the code will update with the information you manage
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