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iOS 6.0.1 (18th February 2016)

Bug fixes

  • Follow showing message as following entity is not available

  • Bowlers economy should be 2dp

  • Editing a team creates a duplicate team within the club

  • Page form gets reset on selecting drop down

  • Power plays displaying incorrect end over

  • When End innings/match prompt is selected the screen remains unchanged

  • Fix for duckworth lewis calculator

  • D/L Calculator - Reset button missing on navigation

  • Save button remain inactive while editing a wicket type

  • Unity 3D fixed for 3D touch on latest iPhones and iPads

  • Fixes for verification screen

  • Fixes for notification bar

  • Fixes for club and team names in the match center


  • Play-cricket enabled

  • Tap to remove search on the find screen

  • Tidy up button UI 

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