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How do I preview my draw layout before creating it?

CricHQ will allow you to preview how your teams will be laid out in a draw before you create it. This means you can see which teams will face off and in which rounds allowing you to alter the team order before creating. To start with, click on Admin.

To use the 'Preview Layout' option you will need to start creating a new draw. Click the 'Competitions' tab and select the competition you wish to make a draw under.

After selecting the Competition, click on 'New Draw' and you will be taken to the new draw setup screen.

Just fill in the details on the draw page

Note: The 'Preview Layout' option is only available for Round Robin draw types

Enter in all your teams into the draw form

Once you complete adding the teams and grounds, select the "Preview Layout" option at the bottom of the draw form

This will display how your teams will be laid out in the draw once created.  Also remember once the draw is created you can still completely customise the rounds and fixture layout.

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