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How do I register myself to a club?

Find the club using the search bar on CricHQ (For an "Advanced search" hit enter on the keyboard or select the search button).

Here you will be able to see if you can register to the club on CricHQ. There are 3 possible states; a) Registrations openb) Registrations closedc) Registrations off

a) Registrations open - This means you can send a request to register to the club

b) Registrations closed - This means registrations have finished or are currently closed, you will need to contact the club directly

 c) Registrations off - This means you will not see any registrations options and can not currently register with the club on CricHQ

Click on Register new player to register.

Fill out the fields in the registration form for the club, then click Next.

Review your information and accept any Terms and Conditions or Fair Play Agreements the club may have put up.

Click Submit! You will receive an email to confirm the registration request has been successful. You will receive another email once the registration has been accepted or declined by the club.That's it. You're done.

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