How do I enter a scorecard online?

In order to enter a scorecard for your teams recent match, you need to have either club or team administration rights for the particular club or team you wish to enter a result for.

To enter a scorecard, make sure you are logged in online at

  1. Click ‘Admin’ from the main menu
  2. Once in this section navigate to the ‘fixtures’ tab 
  3. The fixtures will have 3 states, "Upcoming match" meaning the fixture is upcoming, "Result Overdue" which means the fixture has been but no result has been accepted, and "Result Accepted" which means the fixture has an accepted result. You can submit a result to a fixture with any of these states.
  4. Ensure the filters are set to the correct date range and teams you wish to enter results for. Select the fixture you wish to enter a scorecard for.
  5. You will then be taken to the fixture details page, click the "Scorecards" tab
  6. Now select ‘Enter Basic Scorecard’ or 'Enter Full Scorecard' to enter a scorecard

As suggested a 'basic scorecard' will only ask for the minimum amount of match information required to submit a result, where as a full scorecard will allow you to enter as much information as you wish about the match.

For more information on entering scorecard information see:

How do I enter a full scorecard?

How do I enter a basic scorecard?


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