iOS 7.0.0 (11 Apr 2017)

We are making cricket EVEN better with the following improvements
  • NEW! Video Capture through My Action Replay allows capture of ball-by-ball video highlights
  • NEW! In-commentary Video lets you view every highlight straight in the Match Centre
  • NEW! Notification Centre is the home of all your cricket updates!
  • NEW! App & Web Viewer lets YOU choose where & what highlights you want to relive!
  • Improved Push Notifications means you never miss another ball of your favourite players!
  • Improved Engine & Scoring to enhance scorers’ & admins’ experiences!
  • Smashed a whole lot more bugs to bring you a seamless experience!
  • Play-Cricket de-integration
Download the update today!: CricHQ - App Store
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Detailed release notes:

Bug fixes

  • Last man stand can swap batsman
  • Editing team name during a match does not change it on the match settings page.
  • Remove selecting of wicket keeper before an innings has started.
  • Viewing long names in Social posts
  • DWL calculator "Close" and "Tables" button move on load up
  • Repeated password prompt on downloading fixture
  • News feed issue where selecting an Ad takes to profile
  • Add official Page remains unresponsive when a selected official is removed
  • Placeholder image not shown in News feed
  • Display issue for batsman name in scoring screen when batsman name is long
  • Select Team - Add Player option is not fully visible
  • Reset innings - Batting and bowling team not displayed correctly according to the toss
  • Profile verification not working when tried to verify a profile by creating a new one
  • Video plays in background when done button is clicked while loading
  • Graphs - Incomplete view of status at different stages of match (Cumulative,RPO,Manhattan)
  • Login screen - Alert message box appears under the keyboard in iPhones
  • Team names not correct in certain match displays
  • Push Notifications only work after logging in and out
  • Native advert bugs causing crashes in certain regions
  • App crash - When a live match is selected from the match centre before end & upload
  • In Newsfeed, when you click on Team it should take to the Team Page.
  • Errors on Newsfeed when following non-supported entities
  • App crash - when tried to refresh empty notification page
  • Follow on (F/O) displayed incorrectly in scorecard
  • Push Notification not working on Registration of new user
  • Pop-up options for pause match perform reverse functions
  • Scorecard and Analysis - RPO Graph is not displaying the results correctly
  • App crashes on starting particular match types
  • App crashes on adding a ball before a scheduled break
  • App crashes on deleting a ball
  • Match Scorecard is not updating on editing the fixture result.
  • Clear button not clearing the Date Field
  • Ball icon circle disappearing

New features

  • Notification Centre now available
  • Bowler running in option for balls
  • Individual ball video replays
  • Highlights video replays
  • Connection to MAR cameras


  • Can't skip WW without skipping PM also
  • Need replace bowler option in the alert
  • Default image of the ground is inconsistent across all platforms
  • Live score page displayed current players only when a ball is scored
  • Allow connection to scoreboard and camera
  • Ask users about Push Notifications
  • Edited Matches Display with Commentary
  • Turn PlayCricket integration off
  • Remove "Live chat" feature from iOS
  • Replace "scorecard" text in the top bar with an icon
  • No Highlights available Screen
  • Add camera connected indicator
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