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Android 7.0.0 (11 Apr 2017)

We are making cricket EVEN better with the following improvements
  • Video Capture through My Action Replay allows capture of ball-by-ball video highlights
  • In-commentary Video lets you view every highlight straight in the Match Centre
  • YOU choose where & what highlights you want to relive!
  • Pop-up notifications for less disruption of the cricket you love!
  • Improved Engine & Scoring to enhance scorers’ & admins’ experiences!
  • Smashed a whole lot more bugs to bring you a seamless experience!
  • Play-Cricket de-integration
Download the update today!: CricHQ - Play Store
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Detailed release notes:

Bug fixes

  • Display of selected umpires incorrect
  • Double click End innings cause issue
  • Match type: require wicket types to be selected
  • App crashes on ending innings option for 3rd innings when match still continues
  • App crashes on ending innings featuring multiple delays
  • App crashes when scoring first delivery for match type
  • Allow edited match to get match commentary
  • Resolve issue with certain players created during match
  • Issue with graphs breaking and crashing for MVP/Manhatten

New feature

  • Bowler running in prompt when camera connected
  • Multi-connection support for scoreboards and cameras
  • Individual ball video replay
  • Highlights video section
  • Add camera connection screen
  • Add video fullscreen support
  • New actions popup for video and bowler running in option
  • Disabling videos for viewers
  • Videos for full commentary lists


  • Invert runs and wicket not affecting match analysis
  • Allow bowler running in to be optional
  • Remove PlayCricket integration
  • Implement new bug tracking tools
  • Video player quality selector
  • Highlights and video player improvements
  • Handle no highlights, various highlights fixes
  • Update video quality selector (Full - HD)
  • White progress bar on videos
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