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What types of videos are available for matches?

Using any club, team and scorer can now view the video for matches captured and automatically indexed ball-by-ball with My Action Replay. This allows fans to easily view live video for every ball, or rewatch the action at your leisure post match.

Let us introduce you to what you will be able to view for any match using this amazing technology!

1. Automatic match highlights reels

When watching a match with My Action Replay integrated video, will allow you to consume highlights reels automatically generated on the fly for every innings. We take every four, six and wicket, and put them into a highlights reel that you can click play on and watch every ball.


2. View any ball from the entire game

If you want to really delve into what happened in a game captured with My Action Replay integrated video, will allow you to select and view the video for any ball in the entire match! Find your innings or over and select play to rewatch individual balls.



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