What happens if I disconnect from a My Action Replay camera?

1. CricHQ will attempt to reconnect you automatically

If your scoring device disconnects from your My Action Replay camera whilst scoring CricHQ will automatically attempt to reconnect for you. Once reconnected your video will continue to be indexed from the point you reconnected. It will all still appear in the same match and the only thing your viewers will notice is a few balls that do not have an option to play video for.


2. You can check your connection status at any point

If you wish to check your video is connected at any stage of the match just look at your video symbol in the top right-hand corner.

  • If it has a cross through it the camera it is not connected
  • If it shows a spinner we are trying to reconnect
  • If it shows a whole camera then your are connected.



3. If reconnection fails we will notify you

If multiple attempts to reconnect fail we will let you know via a pop up on your screen. The likely causes will be a disruption to your wifi, or the camera itself. Get some to check these and restart the wifi if required. Once complete try connecting again and pick up video indexing where you left off.


For info on how to connect your scoring device to a My Action replay camera check out our user guide here: How Do I Connect My Scoring Device To A My Action Replay Camera?


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    Jakub Wyka

    My action reply camera option is disabled. I cannot enable it and somehow I blocked access to my text editing tool from the commentary of coaches and commentators of the matches. I use free editors.

    Edited by Jakub Wyka
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