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Common causes of incorrect NRR

Have you looked at your NRR and think something is off about it? Here are some common issues that can be faced with NRR:

  1. The most common issue is with "All out" innings. If a team is all out they should be attributed the entire innings possible overs. If your innings end type is not set to 'All out' this will not happen. So make sure to check each innings and see they are set correctly, if not edit them and update the result to update the standings NRR.
  2. Abandoned matches do not calculate NRR according to the official guidelines. As such we will not calculate any for abandoned matches.
  3. Match type total overs is set incorrectly. The match type provides your match with the rules around max overs. If these max overs are set incorrectly NRR can calculate based on the wrong amount of overs so make sure this is correct.
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