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Using live scores updates (TCS)

Live Scores

Live Scores

The details of matches scored in Total Cricket Scorer can be shown on the TCS website (, click Live Scores). Scores can be updated in real-time, at specific intervals, manually, or later when an internet connection is available. Widgets are available which can be used on your own website. Feeds can be automatic or manual.

The configuration and control of Live Scores is accessed via the Tools menu:

  • Live Scores
    • View Scores - View the Live Scores page on the Total Cricket Scorer website
    • Update Score - Send the score from the current match to the live scores page
    • Remove Match - Remove the currently selected match from the Live Scores page
    • Settings - Register clubs for lives scores and configure automatic update timings
    • Diagnostics - Run a series of checks to try and identify any connection issues


If you don't have a live scores licence get in touch via 'Contact Support' and we can setup you up with another free licence.


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