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Learning the tools menu (TCS)

Tools Menu

Tools Menu


The Tools menu contains the following options:

  • Statistics - Generate and view statistics for all data contained within Total Cricket Scorer
  • MVP - Generate and view the TCS Most Valuable Player in selected matches or in just the current match.
  • Tip of the day - Show a tip of the day and select whether to display at startup
  • Speech - Allows the user to enter basic information by using speech rather than keyboard/mouse input
  • View scores - View the Live Scores page on the Total Cricket Scorer website
  • Update score - Send the score from the current match to the live scores page
  • Remove Match - Remove the currently selected match from the Live Scores page
  • Settings - Register clubs for lives scores and configure automatic update timings
  • Diagnostics - Run diagnostic check on your live scores connection
  • Scoreboard (only used when TCS is controlling an external electronic scoreboard)
  • Refresh scoreboard - Update a connected electronic scoreboard
  • Pause scoreboard - Pause output to electronic scoreboard, to allow for data editing without information being sent to the board
  • Scoreboard graph - Select the graph to show on screen for compatible scoreboards
  • Diagnostics - Show diagnostic information for communications with scoreboard
  • Settings - Configure the communication protocol (and field mappings where applicable) for the scoreboard
  • General settings - Configure various options for how Total Cricket Scorer looks and behaves
  • Colour settings - Quick access to player identification colour settings

    Note: To use the speech input, and/or the talk back functionality, you will need to have the correct Windows functionality already installed on your computer.


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