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When a match is open, through the score menu you can select the innings you wish to view or score via the drop down box. Note: During a two innings per side match, it is assumed that each side has an innings in turn, however if the follow-on is enforced this is not the case. The score toolbar can be used to switch the last two innings, thus enforcing a follow-on, after the completion of the first two innings. To do this simply select the team to continue batting from the drop-down list in the match toolbar. A prompt to confirm that the follow-on is being enforced will be shown.

Other options on the score toolbar are as follows:

  • Score window - Show the 'ball-by-ball' scoring window to allow multiple event entries (e.g. run out off a no ball) and enter fielding data.
  • One click scoreboard - Scoreboard display with one-click entry of most common ball events
  • Runs - Enter runs scored by the batsmen, or apply penalty runs
  • Wides, Byes, Leg byes, No balls - Enter extras conceded by the fielding side
  • Wickets - this shows all possible wickets and allow for fielders when required to be entered
  • Retires - select this when a batsman retires or is absent
  • End Innings - select how the innings ended, such as declared etc
  • Pause - pause the game for events like rain and tea etc
  • Switch batsman - switch who is facing
  • Switch bowler - if on the first ball this will correct the bowler, otherwise the new bowler is assumed to complete the over due to an injury.
  • End Over - forces the end of the over before the correct number of balls has be bowled.
  • Extra events - include power plays, new ball and last hour of the game.
  • Wagon wheel - used to enter where the ball went.
  • Length view - enter length and direction of the ball
  • Over data - shows current over information
  • Undo - undoes previous entries
  • Edit balls - edit data on each ball
  • Update score - Send live score to web
  • Innings notes - shown in scorebooks
  • Ball notes - shown in ball notes report
  • Commentary - used in live scores, this is in addition to the automatic commentary notes
  • User status - adds text to the status, such as "Pitch inspection at 11:30am". This is a useful addition for reporting the status when using live scores.


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