Using the edit ball data feature (TCS)

Edit ball data

Edit ball data

During a match, or after its conclusion, it may be necessary to edit, add, or remove a delivery from the records. This could be because of incorrect scoring, user error, or a missed umpires signal for example.

The match to be edited must first be open, and the relevant innings selected. Click Edit Balls from the Edit toolbar to bring up the dialogue box listing all deliveries for the current innings:


The player who bowled the over may be changed by selecting the relevant over heading, then clicking the Swap Bowler button. From the resultant dialogue box select the bowler to whom the over should have been credited.

Use the Power Play button to indicate that the currently selected over was within a power play, you can then identify which power play and the type (e.g. compulsory, batting, fielding).

For individual deliveries, select the over that requires amendment and then select the delivery from the list shown.  If a delivery is to be edited or deleted it can be pinpointed by the additional information that is shown once an over is expanded (as above), this includes:

  • Bowler
  • Batsman
  • Non-striker
  • Runs
  • Extras (wides, no balls, leg byes, byes)
  • Wicket taken
  • Penalty runs
  • Notes
  • Fielding data entered


Once the delivery has been identified, choose the relevant option:

  • Insert - inserts a 'new' delivery into the over. Prompts for Before or After before insertion to ascertain where the delivery should have appeared. Penalty runs can also be included where appropriate by selecting Penalty Run Event.
  • Delete - delete either the currently selected ball, or a penalty run event (if entered) from the records. A prompt for confirmation of deletion will appear.
  • Edit - edit the currently selected entry. This will be the most normal action, and could be used when runs credited to a batsman should have been listed as extras or to change the batsman who was out or faced the ball.
  • Notes - edit the notes (if any) for the currently selected entry.
  • Swap Batsman+ - Swap the striker and non-striker for the selected delivery, and then apply this swap for all subsequent deliveries in the innings (until a wicket fell or the innings ended).
  • Swap Batsman - Swap the striker and non-striker for the selected delivery only

There may be a short pause whilst the program collates the data for the innings when edit ball data is first selected.
An 2017-03-17_1447.png icon identifies overs in which wickets were taken, and which delivery within that over.
In all cases (insert, delete, edit) all records are updated within the database once the changes are confirmed.


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