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Using the Duckworth Lewis Stern calculator (TCS)

Duckworth Lewis Stern Calculator (DLS or D/L)

Using the 'Professional Edition' tables of the Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS or D/L) method Total Cricket Scorer can calculate revised targets for interrupted one-day cricket matches.

If you wish to calculate the D/L target score for the (limited overs) match currently being scored (and also the par score as the innings progresses), select Target from the Edit menu.


Check the box that is labelled 'Calculate using D/L' and then click the Calculate D/L button.


Click the Add button to enter any interruptions in play to either innings, with the following information required for each interruption:

  • Overs (at suspension) - Number of completed overs at the time of the interruption.
  • Balls (at suspension) - Number of balls into the over at the time of the interruption.
  • Runs (at suspension) - Number of runs scored at the time of the interruption.
  • Wickets (at suspension) - Number of wickets fallen at the time of the interruption.
  • Overs (restart) - Number of full overs remaining at the restart following the interruption.
  • Balls (restart) - Number of balls from an over left at the restart following the interruption.

Once the interruption(s) have been entered, click the Calculate button to show the par score (at the current position in the match), and the target score. Click OK to return to the Target dialogue, and OK again to return to the main TCS screen.

If you are using the 'Modern' scoreboard view, the D/L par score is shown and updated following each subsequent delivery.

All copyrights are acknowledged.
More information on the use of the Duckworth/Lewis calculations can be found through the ICC website and other sources.


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