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Using advanced statistics (TCS)



A useful feature of TCS is the statistics dialog.

This is a simple dialog that allows the selection of clubs, teams, players and match types to get statistics on players perfomances during any season or date range.


The statistics can be displayed for:

  • Teams
  • Batting
  • Bowling
  • Partnerships

Each of these can be sorted by numerous fields.


In addition to selecting on match types and game types summary reports can be created from:

  • Club
  • Team
  • Match Type
  • Season
  • Player


Reports can include:

  • Stats Only
  • Stats and graphics
  • Stats and wagon wheels
  • Stats and length views

These reports can be saved as html files and added to web sites creating a comprehensive analysis of players performances.


You can also filter out fields, this is useful if you have a tournament and want to include the club name:



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