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Scoring using the one-click toolbar (TCS)

One click toolbar

One click scoring

Total Cricket Scorer allows entry of the most common scoring outcomes via a single click of the mouse using the Score toolbar.

  • Extras (wides and wides plus runs, byes, leg byes, no balls and no balls plus runs, no balls with runs off the bat):
  • Innings events (penalty runs, wickets, retiring batsmen, force end of overs, pause innings, end innings, switching batsmen, switch the bowler, and bowler over/around wicket, new ball taken, power play started):
  • Runs (dot ball or runs off the bat):

Simply click the relevant icon on the toolbar for the current delivery, all data will then be updated accordingly (this is the same process as used in the ball-by-ball entry without the need to click End Ball). In Addition, there is a start button that allows you to restart a game after a pause. Alternatively any scoring event will restart the match.

To score more unconventional scores off a delivery, e.g. 5 runs, simply click the extra icon at the end of each section and from the resultant drop-down choose the relevant score. Alternatively the ball-by-ball scoring dialogue can be invoked - click the Score window button 2017-03-17_1345_001.png on the Score toolbar to display.

Using the 'one click' method of scoring alone does not allow the entry of data used to populate wagon wheels and length views. However, it can be used in conjunction with the dockable wagon wheel and length view entry dialogues to produce these. Simply enter the length view and wagon wheel data in the appropriate dialogue and then click the appropriate icon on the one click scoring toolbars.

2017-03-17_1346.png    2017-03-17_1345_002.png


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