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Scoring by entering ball-by-ball data (TCS)

Entering ball-by-ball data

Within the single dialogue box all the relevant information for each delivery can be entered, including:

  • Runs scored (including extras)
  • Wickets taken
  • Penalty runs awarded
  • Delivery pitch position (length view)
  • Stroke result (wagon wheel)
  • Fielding data
  • Innings breaks


Select the various options to identify the relevant result of the delivery, e.g. number of runs scored, wicket taken (and type), extras etc. A summary of the data entered will be shown next to 'Current Ball' and then click End Ball to confirm.

To enter fielding data, click the 'Include fielding data' box, and select the relevant options from the panel that appears. Note that if the panel is shown then the information displayed will be recorded against each ball, therefore if you do not wish to record fielding data the tick box should be cleared.

The 'one click scoring' toolbar can be utilised for speed of data entry if preferred together with the floating wagon wheel and length view entry dialogues.


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