Entering a scorecard post match (TCS)

Entering scorecard data

Entering scorecard data

When ball-by-ball data is not available or not required, just the scorecards can be added (this process being called 'fast entry'). Simply go to the Edit menu and click 'Scorecards only'. Now go back to the Score menu and select 'Score window'. Within the single dialogue box all the relevant information for an innings can be entered, including:

  • Batsmen card
  • Extras
  • Overs bowled
  • Bowlers card
  • Fall of wickets
  • Batting partnerships

The 'Fast Entry' dialogue is split into four tabs for each part of the scorecard:

  • Batsmen tab
  • Fall of wickets tab
  • Bowlers tab
  • Overs tab

Batsmen tab

The batsmen tab is where the conventional scorecard information for an innings is entered:


In the relevant columns select the order the batsmen appeared at the crease, the method of dismissal (or not out), the fielder involved in the dismissal (if applicable), the bowler involved in the dismissal (if applicable), the number of runs scored by the batsman, balls faced by the batsman, time at the crease, number of fours in batsman's innings, and number of sixes in batsman's innings. Also on this tab it is necessary to enter the extras given by the bowling side during the innings, and the total number of overs bowled. The wickets and runs totals fields are automatically calculated based on the data entered.

Until a batsman has a method of dismissal (or not out) assigned to them, all other fields for that player will not be accessible.

Fall of Wickets tab

The fall of wickets tab is where the batting partnership information for an innings is entered:


Click the tick box to indicate that the fall of wicket information is to be entered, and the program will endeavour to guesstimate the fall of the wickets based on the batting order when the dialogue box was launched, however all fields (with the exception of the batsman out 'Runs at Fall') are freely editable.

The Calculate button will automatically update the 'Partnership' and 'Fall of Wkt' information based on the data entered in the first four columns.

Extras will need to be manually added to the partnership total, and for ease of use, this process, along with manually updating the fall of wicket total updated, should be done after all other information is entered and the Calculate button clicked. This will prevent any user entered data being overwritten.

Bowlers tab

The bowlers tab is where the bowling performances of the fielding side are entered:


To add a new bowler to the list click the Add button. A new line will be added and the bowler's analysis can be entered. If the data entered in the the 'Overs' column, and/or the 'Runs' column does not match that entered in the Batsmen tab a prompt will appear indicating the discrepancy.

Once the bowler has been selected from the drop-down list the number of wickets taken - as entered in the Batsmen tab - will automatically be included.

Overs tab

The overs tab is where the runs scored and wickets taken for each individual over are recorded, with the running total of runs and wickets at the end of the over automatically calculated.


No overs are added by default, but selecting the tick box will generate an entry, i.e. row, for each over up to the total entered in the 'Batsmen' tab, and overs can be added or deleted as required.

For each over, select the bowler from the drop-down list, enter the number of runs conceded and the number of wickets taken in that over, and the accumulated figures will update automatically.


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