Learning the edit menu (TCS)

Edit Menu

Edit Menu


The Edit menu contains the following options:

  • Match Data - Edit the weather, pitch condition, match start date and time, and result of toss for the currently selected match
  • Match Type - Update the match type for the currently selected match
  • Location - Edit the location of the currently selected match
  • Season - Edit the season the currently selected match is linked to.
  • Teams - Edit the teams for the currently selected match.
  • Match Players - Add and remove players from the teams in the currently selected match. You can now also swap a player with one not currently selected.
  • Edit Officials - Edit the officials for the currently selected match
  • Squad Numbers - Edit the squad numbers for the players in the currently selected match
  • Edit Target or D/L - Edit the target runs required, number of overs in the innings, manual or automatic calculation of Duckworth/Lewis par score for currently selected match
  • Remaining Overs - Edit the total number of overs in the match, and number remaining in the day for currently selected match
  • Edit Highlights - Add notes describing highlights of the match
  • Edit Result - Edit the result, identify the man of the match, and add result details of the currently selected match
  • Edit Points - Edit the points awarded to the teams in the current match (must be defined in match type)
  • Edit Balls - View and edit every delivery from the currently selected innings
  • Change Batsmen - Swap the order batsmen came in, or will come in, to bat for the currently selected innings
  • Scorecards only - Convert the current innings (scoring ball-by-ball) to scorecard only entry (NOTE: cannot be undone)
  • Batsman Times - Edit the time in and time out, and total minutes, for each batsman from the currently selected innings
  • Partnership Times - Edit the minutes in the partnerships
  • Event Times - Edit the times of events such as the currently selected innings officially closed time.
  • Bowlers End - Edit the end the opening bowler started bowling
  • Sub Fielders - Identify the sub fielders involved in a wicket for the currently selected innings
  • Over Rate - Enter the over rate


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