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Learning the toolbars menu (TCS)

Standard Toolbar


The 'ribbon' toolbars in Total Cricket Scorer are used to group common functionality under a single heading, so all the options need to score a match are included on the 'Score' ribbon, all database tools under the 'Data' ribbon etc. In addition there are standard toolbars that give you access to specific functionality:


The application and quick access tools (shown above) give you the opportunity to access common tools (such as new, open, close, delete matches, define printer setup and exit the program) and also a recently used match listing. Under the application menu, click Options to customise toolbars and the quick access toolbar (by default includes new match, open match, and undo).


Also on the main toolbar is an 'Options' menu that provides the following options:

  • Style- Select a colour scheme
  • Windows - Select a specific tab to view
  • Theme - Select a theme for the styling of the windows and toolbars within Total Cricket Scorer
  • Default Layout - Reset the current layout of windows and toolbars to original configuration
  • Last Saved Layout - Restores the windows to the last saved state (states are saved when closing TCS)
  • Classic Toolbars - Revert the ribbon style toolbars back to classic Windows type



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