AND 6.6.0 (10 Mar 2017)

We are making cricket EVEN better with the following improvements
  • Notifications now stack so you get one for each match
  • Easy to understand messages for network & other errors
  • Scorers can feel more confident thanks to plenty of bug fixes
Download the update today!: CricHQ - Play Store
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Detailed release notes:

Bug fixes

  • Delete a broadcast option not showing for claimed players
  • Live update checkbox changing for saved matches
  • Club Name displayed as "TBC"
  • Old matches: Finished match has in progress match view
  • Match score displayed incorrectly during load in match centre when live is turned off on scoring device
  • Player statistics page shows duplicate entries
  • Newsfeed - 140 characters are not allowed to broadcast as a description of Link/Photo/Video
  • Boundary rope regression - Scale line missing in android 4
  • Wrong display of selected umpire
  • Match injuries and Danger buttons displayed incorrectly in android 4
  • Live match displayed with wrong date (temporarily)
  • Progress spinner not being hidden in profile
  • Scorecard missing names
  • Crash on opening 'Following' from own profile
  • Match Delays and Scheduled Breaks are not shown in the web under match notes
  • Send an upload to website on switching off live scoring.
  • Scores showing for the wrong team (back-to-front)
  • Ad pops up when out of the app
  • Saved matches missing
  • Invert runs & wicket option applies to all matches(including Matchcentre)
  • Full match upload before live match uploads
  • App crash - while navigating back from full commentary page of a match opened from newsfeed/notifications page
  • Wrong match page is displayed when navigated back from full commentary page
  • Back press after "End match & upload"
  • Discard match not working


  • Use snackbars for swipe to refresh layouts
  • Add loading spinner for ball by ball scorecard (incl. Finished matches)
  • CricHQ India app upgrade warning
  • Change default image for Club, Team, Player and Ground
  • Include Swipe refresh in Match Centre
  • Push notification for each match
  • Replace Toast messages with Snackbars
  • Use error messages instead of Toast for text fields
  • Change network error "RETRY" button
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